What to Expect During the Next 52 Years

There is much to be said for change being the only constant in our lives. As 2013 gets into full swing, it is amazing how fast the world we live in is changing. The devastating decline of the US dollar, the rise of the American and European debt, and the strengthening, both militarily and economically, of emerging nations in Asia and South America, as well as the complete breakdown of the Middle East, all stand as symbols of the birth of a new cycle. The Maya referred it the dawn of the next 5,125 years of coming or future events.

To those of us who spent time studying the Meso-American culture ( I’ve been at it for over 40 years), when we heard talk of December 21, 2012 being the end of the world, we who knew better just laughed! That date was never meant to be the end of anything; it was the beginning of something grand.

Unfortunately, as history tells us, the invasion of the Spanish in the early 1500′s, and the subsequent rise of the Catholic Church, destroyed most of the written manuscripts that held the secrets to our future. The only true vestige of that indigenous knowledge was left standing, carved into stone. The few remaining written manuscripts state that we were passing from the Galactic Period, into the Universal Period. The Galactic Period alleged two major things would occur. First, we would become aware of the vastness of the universe we live in. One amazing example of this is the enormous cluster of quasars, just discovered by NASA, that will take over 4 billion years to traverse. The second lesson, of the Galactic period, was that all things not built in integrity would collapse. And we are witnessing the collapse our religions, our institutions and our economic drivers, such as our banks and stock market. This is happening because it is all being driven by greed and individual selfishness. It has always amazed me, that the indigenous people of Meso-America were so aware of the inherent cycles of consciousness, that they could see 5,000 years into the future.


Okay, that’s is enough about yesterday…let’s look at tomorrow. As we move into the Universal Period, it is predicted that there will be no more secrets. And let’s start with the world governments who have given themselves the right to read and record every phone call, text, tweet, email and computer search we make. They have placed cameras everywhere to record our every move. Supposedly, the cameras will insure that we are protected from crime and terrorism, but do you really believe that? I have my doubts yet, the fact that the cameras are in place, pretty well guarantees that, from this point on, there will be no more secrets!


According to the surviving manuscripts,of the Maya and Olmecs, the first 52 years of the new age would be marked by the Power of the Feminine. Each age begins with compassion, combined with courage. Please take time each day to remember this, and to look for ways to empower the people around you to believe in themselves. Find something you are passionate about, and commit to it! Find programs that support women and children’s education worldwide. It is up to us to seize and utilize this information for our personal empowerment. Remember: those who seek to control us know this information also. Therefore, we must outsmart them.

Why do you think that we are at war in so many places? And why do you think so much of what we used to wholeheartedly believe in no longer exists? The answer is simple, hiding in plain sight. It is all designed to keep us distracted, from becoming aware of the spiritual insights of compassion, forgiveness, courage that will help us to access higher levels of consciousness, available at the beginning of each new cycle. If we are constantly stressed and fearful of not being able to make our next mortgage payment, how much time are we going to be able to spend in meditation, or volunteering at the local hospice. We are being manipulated out of our divine rights to accessing the gifts of the new age now upon us. We are being blindsided by the Elite’s creation of global misery and violence, perpetuated for the express purpose of keeping us all in a sustained state of fear and anxiety. In reality, they are attempting to bring the old age, into the new age, by keeping us too preoccupied, by stress, to notice it.

As we become aware of this strategy, and the effect it is having on our global society, we are empowered to make new decisions. By standing up for peace, by choosing to forgive, and to live with courage and compassion, one by one, we can truly turn the tides. Do not accept everything the media tells us – question it always! Form small groups, for conversation, in your home. Gather friends and family for open discussions on the topics of the week. Knowledge is power, and the responsibility of birthing this new age is in our hands, not theirs. Let’s make it count…

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