This is Pure Evil

Hello Everyone,

As most of you know, this column is always about the things that I don’t like or think are really crazy in our world. I do believe that, at this juncture in world history, we have painted ourselves into one of two corners: World War or World Peace.

Which one are we going to choose? If we choose World War, then we are obliged to support the rantings of our present administration, and a president who calls his enemies “pure evil”. So, at this point, let’s just stop for a moment: what would you call a person who sends Americans into war virtually unequipped and unprepared?

This irresponsible action alone has contributed to the deaths of over 3,200 military personnel, 1000 security personnel and more than 25,000 military personnel who have been wounded. So, again, what would you call this person who deploys the National Guard and Reservists to war insufficiently trained, for three and possibly four tours of duty?

Please, keep in mind that one-fourth of these troops are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and / or poly-brain trauma with many of them being diagnosed as such and declared unfit for duty. With all of that in mind, what do you call a person who has spent a tremendous share of our country’s treasury to rationalize the lie that got us into this war we find ourselves in!

And then, when it comes time to take care of our wounded – either those mentally or physically damaged – he allows them to be treated like lepers, instead of like national heroes!

Let us not forget that this person, along with his administration, cannot account, in this war, for more than 10 billion dollars of taxpayer’s money. And the one person who was caught in Iraq and charged with stealing tens of millions of dollars, managed to successfully escape from his American captors – only to wind up later, living in Chicago, safe and freely spending the money.

What is wrong with this picture?

But wait, there’s more: what do you call a person who has 1,000,000 veterans still waiting to see a doctor or waiting to have their disability claims heard, from the last two wars we fought?

Well, this same person under-funded the very system (the VA) at the same time the census is about to be conducted to undermine our aging veteran population as well as the staggering number of soldiers wounded in Iraq. Yet, in the face of their overwhelming need, he is still determined to rant about his precious tax cuts.

You know, I have been a hospice volunteer for over 28 years. I have accrued and documented 12,900 hours at the bedside of those who have served this country from, WWI to Afghanistan and Iraq. So, don’t try to tell me who are or what “pure evil” is. I stare it in the face everyday.

I honestly don’t know what it’s going to take for the majority of Americans to stand-up against this treachery. But it’s certainly no one’s fault, but our own, if we don’t stand now!

As long as we allow this to go on, we will allow for the expansion of this insane war. Whether you realize it or not, we barely missed being sucked into savage consequence of the co-authored, British and American, rationalization for going to war with Iran. The Iranians outsmarted both of them, so the well planned attack, previously scheduled for Friday April 6th, has now been postponed until late June or early July.

Check around, and you will discover they’re already calling up the reserves for this engagement. After this, we’ll have only two options left: a draft or a citizenship for service (mercenaries).

I think I’ve given you more than enough to ponder this month. In closing I ask that you please visit a veteran to witness for yourself the results of our insanity. Imagine its cost, it we continue the insanity into the future. Just imagine: the numbers will be in the trillions. That’s thousands of billions of taxpayers dollars spent and the loss of countless, irreplaceable lives.

Surely, we can find a cheaper alternative to oil! For if we don’t, the alternative we will be sending our children and grandchildren into endless wars which will eventually engulf the entire planet.

This would be “pure evil” should we allow it to happen to our children, our country and our world!

Please, just think about it.

With Purpose,

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