Something You Should Know About

Well, kids, it’s March…and the world is just as crazy as I thought it would be. We have not yet bombed Iran, but we seem to be getting closer. The present administration has decided to take part in a regional conference, to be hosted by Iraq, with Iran and Syria in attendance. This event must be watch very carefully. I believe the future of US/Middle Eastern policy – its success or failure – lies in how we handle this fateful group of meetings. I think I can tell you what is about to happen, regardless of what you might be hearing. Our administration will conclude Iran is not helping, in anyway, to stabilize the Middle East because:

~ Iranians are moving weapons through Afghanistan and into Iraq

~ These weapons are being used to kill Americans, and therefore, contributing to the violence in Afghanistan

~ Iran’s nuclear policy is becoming a threat to the spread of democracy throughout the Middle East

What you will not hear, is that the present administration, through clandestine services, is funding alQueda support groups in the hope of enabling them to attack the Hezbollah, and thereby weakening Iran’s support and control in Lebanon. What you will also not hear is that Saudi Arabia is funding the Sunni insurgency in Iraq. So, we what we see is that we are fighting the alQueda while funding them at the very same time. In other words, we are creating a travesty, of unforgivable proportions, in the Middle East. In Iraq alone four thousand military service personnel and private contractors are dead because of the war. Forty thousand American citizens have been wounded there. Six hundred and fifty thousand civilian casualties have been reported by the United Nations. Two million Iraqi exiles are scattered throughout the world (the majority of the middle-class). And before it’s all over, our treasury will be short one trillion dollars. Now you tell me, what the hell are we doing?

In taking a good look at Afghanistan, we are losing the war and losing it fast. Why do you think Vice President Cheney went to Pakistan? He went there to coerce President Musharraf into allowing the NATO and US troops to follow the Taliban, as they retreat across the border into Pakistan, this spring. This is the only way we can beat them, but I do not think Musharraf can agree, for he knows he’ll be assassinated should he allow this to happen. So, what we are about to again witness is the very same strategy Afghanistan utilized in the past to triumph over the Soviets, the British and the Turks. Let’s cut to the chase here: the United States of America, the country with the greatest military force in the world, is losing hearts and minds of the people of the Middle East and the trust of the rest of the world. An era has ended…a new strategy for peace must now be put into place. Not only is a new world emerging, but a whole new perspective has to be created for the world to avert global catastrophe.

I do not write this to instill a sense of hopelessness. On the contrary, I believe this is part and parcel of our lesson to learn the futility of war, and the power of peace. Each day, let us agree to visualize a peaceful world where we, the citizens, hold our politicians accountable as we hold our global family close to our hearts.

With Purpose,

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