Dannion's Prophecies and Predications

The saying "That Ain't Nothin'" became one of my catch phrases after a man pulled a bowie knife on a friend and me one night, years ago. The knife terrified my friend. But after all I have been through in my life, a knife wasn't worrying me. I looked at the guy, looked at the knife, and started to laugh.

As I disarmed the situation, I said to my friend, "Ah, that ain't nothin'!" The story stuck and the legend grew.

That Ain't Nothing Overview:

In That Ain't Nothin' I describe how world events are unfolding and how they relate to the Boxes of Knowledge; the prophecies that were revealed to me in 1975 in my first near death experience. After telling my near death experience to Raymond Moody, he called it the most complete near dear experience he'd ever recorded.

Some years later, I felt compelled to share what I saw in the Boxes of Knowledge in my New York Times bestelling books, Saved By the Light and Secrets of the Light. But the publishers didn't like all of the "prophecy talk" because they were afraid it wouldn't come true. The funny part is they were wrong. Things came true (and still ARE coming true).

In light of this, I started self publishing a series of articles about my perspective on current events, world affairs, spirituality, politics, science, medicine and life in general. Since I make light of powerful people and scary situations, I decided to call these articles That Ain't Nothin' in honor of that night long ago.

The topic I cover most is healthcare. I believe the battle for the compassionate souls of humanity, especially of the western world, will be an engagement in the arena of healthcare. I believe that through healthcare, the New World Order, a global government, will take root. This is exactly where the visions have led me to do my work, and this is where I proudly take my stand.

As the Thirteen Beings of Light imparted to me, "we are heroes and heroines to have come here. And the future is not carved in stone." No matter what happens remember to tell em' a good ol' boy from the South has your back.

A little bowie knife? Oh please everybody. That Ain't Nothin'!

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