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WELCOME! Sample The Brinkley Perspective by going to the Membership link in the menu above. Click on "July 2016" under Membership in the menu above to see what you'll experience as a Brinkley Perspective member, or click here.

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We are very excited to announce The Brinkley Perspective Membership Area!! The Brinkley Perspective was created to help discern our physical and spiritual truth in these unpredictable times of shift. We all have to make critical decisions, on a daily basis, and The Brinkley Perspective will assist in thinking inside - and way outside -- the Box!

Here is what you'll get as a member of the Brinkley Perspective!

  • Guided Meditation - Original and spiritually themed by Dannion and Kathryn
  • Weekly Affirmations by Kathryn.
  • A That Ain't Nothin' video. For many years, That Ain't Nothin' has remained a website favorite, because of Dannion's provocative, insightful, and totally irreverent view of world affairs.
  • A Hot Topic podcast featuring cutting edge interviews, conducted by Kathryn and Dannion with people who have the most fascinating information to bring to the table. From inspirational New Thought leaders, and cutting edge medical practitioners, to global conspiracy theorists, UFOlogists, quantum physicists, and more, Hot Topic will definitely set fire to your brain…
  • Our Favorite Things: A list of inspirational and healing products, at discount prices, that we personally use and highly recommend.
  • Plus special surprise gifts throughout the year…

Our Membership is only $11 per month, or $110 for a one time annual fee (which includes 2 months free!)

PLUS ~ If you join now as a Yearly member, we will send you a free copy of the movie "Secrets of the Keys"!!!!

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