Kathryn’s Universe

Hello, and welcome, to my world!

As a mother of six children, wife of a famous husband, and a large community of family and friends, I stay very busy!
However, everyone who knows me, knows my family comes first, no matter what else is happening in my world. My gorgeous children, are not only the foundation of my life, they are also my creative team, always bringing me inspiration that urges me to open my mind to see beyond the appearance and continue my spiritual grow. God Bless my Babies!

Over the past year, I have been putting lots of energy into my dear friend, Robin Jay’s new movie, Secrets of the Keys. We have had a positively fabulous time filming this movie – thanks to our director, Sir Michael Su. The premiere if Secrets of the Keys is scheduled for the fall, and we cannot wait to see it on the big screen. I’ll let you know when we have a release you know when we have a release posted on our progress. And you can visit Robin at http://www.thekeymovies.com/ If you haven’t seen her first film, The Keeper of the Keys, please watch it when you can. It is available on her website and it is a must see, to prepare you for her next extravaganza – Secrets of the Keys!


Well, if moviemaking isn’t enough to fill my spare time, I’ve recently decided to produce a reality show with the family. You know, Dannion and I have had people after us to do a reality show of our lives, for years. It was something were never interested in, but recently my daughter, Alixandra, came up with an idea to do an internet show, (starring Alixandra, and her sister, Elizabeth) based on finding one’s true passion. She calls it, The Buzzed Life. I fell in love with the idea because t’s all about how to find, fuel, and thoroughly fulfill your buzz in life! Whether your buzz is painting, skydiving, pole dancing, cooking, music, or bee keeping, we are going to find the most fascinating in Las Vegas, and bring their buzzerific story to you. Millie X (www.staranthemtv.com) is our young and intrepid director, and our hope is that this kind of inspirational entertainment will truly up the spiritual ante for reality television. Again, I will let you know when our first episode is going to air.

"The Buzzed Life" Show! FILMING IN PROCESS Stay tuned....

The Buzzed Life


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