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2016 July


July Meditation

By Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley. Music by Steven Halpern: Peace of Mind. www.stevenhalpern.com

Here is your July edition of the Brinkley Perspective Meditation. We sincerely hope you will listen to this meditation, every morning and night, throughout the month, so that you can fully absorb the meditation’s powerful intention!

Note: We encourage you to listen to the meditation with headphones!

Spiritual Reflection & Affirmation

You were born
to be happy.

A most wonderful July! Be sure to download the page and place it where you can read it every day this month!

Download your copy of our July Spiritual Reflection and Affirmation!

heaven on Earth.

That Ain't Nothin'

Knowledge is Power

Spiritual Focus

Blast from the Past

Dannion's Interview at the 2016 LA Conscious Life Expo

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