How to Operate in Multiple Dimensions

Hello Everyone,

I hope this edition of That Ain’t Nothin’ finds you all basking in harmony, health, and wisdom. I know that you’ve probably been wondering what in the world happened to me, and why I have not been posting my monthly rant. Well, for the past few months, life has been a little complicated and some things had to come to a screeching halt. You see, I hadn’t been feeling well. Finally my wife had enough, and made me go to the doctor. Long story short, I had to undergo emergency heart surgery.

My cardiologist put in place two coronary stents and could not unclog a third. I am doing very well, today, thanks to the wonder of medical wonders and the love of my beautiful and caring wife, Kathryn. Therefore, I am more grateful than usual for the wonderful opportunity to write this article. Trust me, these days; every sunrise I witness is more miraculous than the one before. And I really want you to remember as well that every moment is a precious gift not to be wasted.

My regular readers are already aware of the fact there are a myriad of monumental and dynamic changes are occurring all around us. These unprecedented cosmic fluctuations are simultaneously influencing us on our spiritual, mental and physical planes. Therefore, it definitely behooves all of us to closely scrutinize how and how well we are adjusting to these dramatic events.

Let’s break this down. On a physical level, the world is changing rapidly due to the end of the fossil-fuel era. For each one of us this means there is a destabilization of our world economy, and therefore, the destabilization of our personal and national security. Added to this is the alarming melting of our Arctic Polar cap which will inevitably lead to a complete shift in the ecological climate of the entire planet. Here’s an example of this: the Greenland icecap is melting at a rate of 150,000 tons per year. This means the desalinization of our oceans will change the tidal currents and as a result the trade winds. Far less salt in the oceans will drastically alter the course and directions of the winds and current, and therefore, will affect global climates. It will quickly get drier in some places and steadily get wetter in others. Think about it: the last time this cycle took place the Sahara went from being a lush tropical rain forest to being a vast, parched desert!

Now, on the mental plane, we are being forced to adapt intellectually to a brave new world in which we have to return to the innocence of living in unison with nature and adjusting our habits to the changing of the seasons. With our garden seeds being rendered sterile, and our climate heating up to record temperatures, growing our own food is becoming a challenge. Yet genetically engineered food is being proven harmful to humans. Is this being stuck between a rock and a hard place, or what? At this point, we have to live green, to solar, use wind power and consistently think sustainability. However, there is not a lot of governmental support readily available to encourage this way of being. Yet, we must remain undaunted in our desire to co-exist with the Earth as a living, conscious and evolving entity.

On a spiritual level, we are hearing about more and more sightings of UFOs and the discovery of more planets that could conceivably support life as we know it. In all ways, we have to open our hearts and minds to accept the fact that within the endless universe, we are not alone. Not by a long shot! As the year 2012 approaches, and our planet moves closer to the center of the galaxy and the central Sun, we are being bombarded by the light and wisdom of the higher frequency of Divinity. We cannot escape it, but we can deny it; if we are foolish enough to choose to do so.

So, all in all, the times they are a changing. I happen to know that we chose and were chosen to be here at this auspicious time in human history. Only the most heroic of all souls were gutsy enough to show up during this galactic extravaganza! We are about to witness things never seen by humans before. Yet, as these times unfold in all their glory, the chance for personal growth and evolution is equally as unprecedented. We are great, powerful and mighty spiritual beings with dignity, direction and purpose. We need fear nothing, for in the eternal reality, we are invincible. No force can come against us and triumph. No dark wave can cause us to seriously falter just as long as we remember who we are and who we serve.

Stay strong, and be of good cheer; that way we shall prevail over all the bad news, and each and every one discouraging global change now making it self known. We have all gathered on Earth at this time in history to prove that the Light ultimately vanquishes the dark, no matter how bleak our chances at victory appear. It would fortify our spirits to commit to memory the words from The Lord of the Rings when Gandalf proclaims in the presence of the Balrog (darkness), “Return to the shadows…you shall not pass!” No matter how overwhelming the darkness (our times of uncertainty and economic recession) appears to us today, if we persevere in righteousness and faithfulness to the cause, it shall not triumph.

With purpose,

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