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Are you contemplating a change of direction in your life? Perhaps you are feeling confused or unsure of where to go next. Perhaps you have a major decision pending, and you need an unbiased opinion. Or maybe you need the reassurance of making contact with a departed loved one. Even if you are just looking for that spiritual kick in the pants needed to get you back into your cosmic groove, then a telephone consultation with Dannion may offer you exactly what you’ve been seeking!


You know, he [Dannion] is probably the most spiritual person I have ever known. Yet he’s not a perfect person, by any means. He has the most perfect understanding of what “lies beyond” of anybody I have ever talked to. Dannion is a true psychic, and I cannot even go into how I know that… I just know this as a verified fact in my life. I know a lot of other people who would say the same thing.
~Art Bell

My telephone reading with Dannion was like talking to a dear friend I just hadn’t met before! He has such a warm and friendly manner and is so easy to talk to. I had felt nervous initially about having a reading with Dannion, because my beloved sister had recently passed away, and I was almost afraid to hear anything about her. But Dannion put me at ease right away, reminding me that she is happy and surrounded by love. He also said things about her and her passing that I hadn’t told him—he just ‘knew’ them! Our conversation was filled with ‘evidence’ of his psychic abilities (e.g., names of family members I hadn’t told him, secrets he couldn’t have known unless he was psychic!) All in all, he ‘hit the nail on the head’ about every topic we discussed. And most of all, he is a great person, and I really enjoyed talking to him. I will definitely try to get readings with Dannion in the future!
~Claudia P.

Dannion’s extraordinary gift of heightened psychic awareness was the result of his first near-death experience in 1975. Since that time, he has had the ability to draw information from universal consciousness in order to view the past, present and future with defined clarity. Dannion’s superior intuition allows him to incorporate the subconscious feelings that can link you directly to your Higher Self and your highest good.
~ Jeffrey

Fellow Spirit, I have been to a few psychics, and I always approached it with the usual wishful questions of future Money, Relationships, and Happiness. Dannion in a very loving way, actually gives you a methodology with which you create your own future, by using willful intent to draw to you what you truly desire. No truly good thing does come without effort, and patience, and having a good coach to help you see the important perspectives is the real trick to success. I recommend a reading with Dannion, and you to will change your life!
~ Curtis Ball

It was truly an amazing, and very loving conversation that I really enjoyed. I didn’t even have to ask my questions, because they were answered during the whole reading by it self. Very useful. I hope someday to be able to have a face to face meeting with Dannion, or maybe just a cup of coffee. I will see if my tour schedule perhaps will bring me to the US next year. Thanks again!
~ Peter


$250 for a reading with Dannion. Readings last between 30 to 45 minutes.


To schedule your reading contact Kathryn Brinkley at this email: kathryn@dannionandkathrynbrinkley.com

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