Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley are:

  • Bestselling authors
  • Spiritual teachers
  • International speakers
  • Intuitives

As survivors of near-death experiences, it has become their mission to help change the cultural consciousness regarding death and dying. Dannion and Kathryn have dedicated their lives to spreading the good news: there is no such thing as death!

In 1994, Dannion’s literary blockbuster, Saved by the Light, hit the New York Times bestseller’s list, and stayed there for over six months! With millions of copies sold, Saved by the Light, became a global triumph.

In 1995, on the heels of Saved by the Light’s phenomenal literary success, The Fox Television Network, bought the rights to the book and produced Saved by the Light, starring Eric Roberts, as one of the most successful made-for-television movies of all time.

That same year, Dannion’s second book, At Peace in the Light, was published, and once again, Dannion received rave reviews from a grateful and admiring public.

Literally overnight, Dannion was in demand for every popular radio and television show. He was a guest on Oprah, Coast to Coast with Art Bell, Dateline, The Tonight Show, Fox News, and Larry King Live, just to name a few.

Around the same time, Kathryn was leaving her own footprint in the literary world as the author of Jewels for the Soul: Spiritual Reflections for the Heart and Soul. She was enjoying a career as a cutting edge journalist, with a very popular column, "Conversations with Kathryn". She dedicated her interviews to the spiritual insights of those in the forefront of the higher consciousness movement. Later Kathryn produced, and co-hosted, a radio show designed around those provocative, groundbreaking interviews.

During that time, Kathryn scheduled an interview with Dannion, to promote his brand new book, Saved by the Light. The couple now refers to that interview as their “date with destiny”, for it led to their ultimate marriage. Dannion enthusiastically embraced becoming a stepdad to Kathryn’s six children.

Although dedicated to the conviction of “family first”, Dannion and Kathryn share a mutual love of travel to the Earth's most sacred spots. Since 2004, they have enjoyed leading spiritual journeys.

In 2008, Harper One published Dannion and Kathryn’s book, The Secrets of the Light: Lessons from Heaven. Inside this amazing volume, they outline the Four-fold Path to Power, as well as the Seven Lessons of Wisdom gleaned from the perfection of the afterlife. Secrets of the Light is a spiritual manual for living in celestial consciousness, while maintaining a physical reality.

Currently, Dannion and Kathryn are finishing their latest book, Ten Things to Know Before You Go!

In their daily life, they work ceaselessly to champion the virtues of ethical consciousness.

In addition to their writing, lectures, workshops, radio and television appearance, they devote time each day to their national non-profit organization, The Twilight Brigade. As a former Marine, and the son of a WWII veteran, Dannion proudly carries a deep respect for our country’s armed forces. To put his compassion for our veterans in action, in 1997, Dannion co-founded The Twilight Brigade, to train volunteers to be loving, listening angels at the bedside of our nation’s wounded and dying veterans. To date, Dannion has personally accrued more than 32,000 volunteer hours at the bedside.

As a committed team, Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley are undaunted in their fierce desire to create a higher consciousness of understanding and natural acceptance of the circle of life, which includes celebrating the miracle of birth, with the same reverence as our final transition, from this world to the next.

The Brinkleys believe in the empowering application of daily spiritual practices. They are the cornerstone of living the ordinary life, in the most extraordinary ways – on both sides of the veil!

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